The witcher 3 mod adds geralt"s armor & swords from the books

The Witcher 3 community has created fantastic mods for better gameplay, và here are the ten best khổng lồ improve sầu your gaming experience.

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We all know why you"re here. You"re fresh from Netflix"s The Witcher show adaptation & we also know that that darned cliffhanger of an ending has left many Witcher fans craving more. Anyway, it"s not hard lớn get more of The Witcher. Apart from the books, you can play the infinitely replayable The Witcher III: Wild Hunt again.

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Fun as that might sound, The Witcher 3 is not without its faults. It"s a five-year-old game, after all, và plenty of small cracks are still waiting khổng lồ be buffed. When it comes to that, you can thank the PC gaming community wholeheartedly as they have sầu fixed many of The Witcher 3"s small problems và gameplay quirks. So, to make your countless replays for The Witcher 3 even more appealing and less of a chore, toss a coin lớn these mods (they"re không lấy phí, don"t worry) and play.

Everyone và his dog is aware that Geralternative text is no god và holds no candle to lớn his daughter Ciri when it comes to powers. However, having Geralt approach a signboard in order to fast travel every time in the game world can get rather old especially when you"re on your tenth playthrough.

Fast Travel from Anywhere solves this artificial time constraint by giving Geralt Ciri"s space-defying powers. Install it và you can fast travel anywhere with no need for a signboard. This makes subsequent playthroughs less painful on your limited time as an adult so you can get khổng lồ the meat of the game faster.

Geralternative text having a limited carrying weight for his items doesn"t make as much sense as the game developers thought it would. For one, everything he carries isn"t even visible, so the element of realism is already gone. Meanwhile, it also really doesn"t affect gameplay balance that much.

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So vì chưng yourself a favor và make Geralternative text a walking medieval supermarket by installing the Over 9000 - Weight Limit Mod. This expands the weight limitation, increasing Geralt"s carrying capathành phố or even making it infinite if you want. It"s a perfect thủ thuật for hoarders and magpies who just don"t want khổng lồ get rid of that beautiful but subpar wavy steel sword.

What goes well with unlimited carrying capađô thị for a witcher you ask? The AutoLoot gian lận, of course! Because picking up và dissecting each & every quái dị & human you kill for items và loot is way above sầu your paygrade as a witcher. With this gian lận, Geralt will automatically pick up all the items from fallen enemies.

Do note that for it to lớn work perfectly, you have sầu to have sầu the Weight Limit Mod. It"s not necessary but Geralt"s measly mặc định in-game pockets can leave many players wanting. In any case, this mod makes it faster lớn "farm" for money in-game which is a lot more important once you have the expensive sầu Zerrikanian alchemist from Hearts of Stone.

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Now, if you"re not a big bạn of the Weight Limit Mod since it can be categorized as cheating or you just don"t appreciate cluttered inventories, then a good alternative could be Additional Stash Locations. It"s a hack that adds more stashes in the game world which makes it easier to lớn store và swap items.

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It"s also a good medium point between unlimited inventory space & weight or the mặc định carrying limit. The hack adds eight new stashes in the game & even moves two of them lớn a more convenient location. So, if you"re on the fence about increasing Geralt"s carrying capađô thị, then more stashes in the game world just might work for you.

Getting tired of switching objectives every time you want to lớn follow another quest? You can change that needless busywork by downloading a thủ thuật called All Quest Objectives On Map. It does what it literally says, which is khổng lồ put all the objective markers for all quests on the area or world maps.

This way, you don"t have khổng lồ wade through the quest menus. Just walk up to a marker you see in the area maps and you can start, trigger, or finish the quest. Not only that, but it can also add some important merchants and make them distinguishable. If the game starts looking lượt thích it was made by Ubisoft, don"t worry; the mod lets you customize which markers will clutter your map.

Geralt is armed to lớn the teeth và has a plethora of tools that can even determine the outcome of each encounter especially on higher difficulty levels. Oils are a good example of this but be honest, most players don"t even bother with them since applying them interrupts the combat.

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Thankfully, a hack called Aukhổng lồ Apply Oils does the job for you automatically so you don"t have lớn keep opening the thực đơn every time a different quái nhân appears. That"s right, the hack even knows which oil to lớn apply for any occasion. This way, you can maximize Geralt"s tools without ruining the flow of combat.

Apart from being a witcher, Geralternative text sometimes also sidelines as a clown whose claim to notoriety is rolling down the stairs involuntarily. It"s funny but when you"re controlling the old witcher, it can get frustrating, especially when you"re chasing monsters or bandits who like lớn bloông xã stairs.

This needs to lớn stop. Make Geralternative text stop by installing this mod; it"s called No More Rolling Down the Stairs. It simply removes Geralt"s tendency khổng lồ succumb khổng lồ his old man"s ankles & leg muscles when descending or even ascending stairs. It"s a must-have sầu unless you"re not serious about being a witcher.

A witcher is supposedly enhanced through mutations và can withstand more punishment and damage compared to lớn most regular humans and even nonhumans. Geralternative text is no exception but apparently, his mutations never got khổng lồ his legs (which was probably why he also keeps rolling down the stairs).

Anyway, it"s up khổng lồ us lớn fix Geralt"s mutation shortcomings by giving hlặng legs of steel with the No Fall Damage mod. It removes all fall damage Geralt is supposed khổng lồ receive sầu when falling from a mere 6-foot drop or higher. Now you can finally make him parkour through the rooftops of Novigrad.

We"ve said it before on this danh mục và we"ll say it again: the user interface in The Witcher 3 could use a rework. A simple tweak does that job và it"s called Better Icons. It changes the icons for your crafting materials, oils, decoctions, & many other inventory elements to make them less of an eyesore.

With this thủ thuật, you can spend less time looking for what you need in Geralt"s bags. Because for some reason, decoctions and oils all need to lớn look alike with only the colors changed. Better Icons fixes this by giving labels khổng lồ the icons & making the icons" color coding which is handy for those of us with bad eyes.

It"s fun khổng lồ use swords as a witcher but then you soon realize that they"re no tougher than a Pringles chip. The degrading swords might be realistic but then that removes the magical appeal of Geralt"s weapons which are supposedly special since he"s a witcher. So, if you want lớn feel that your swords are made by the best blacksmiths ever, then Indestructible Items is the mod for you.

It sets the durability of all of Geralt"s weapons và armor lớn a static 100 percent. They will not degrade no matter how many monsters, humans, or wheat fields you slay. It removes the tedium attached lớn the game"s combat & also makes combat options more exciting. For best results, download all of these mods for a better Witcher experience.

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