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Heroes Legend - Epic Fantasy RPG
Mgif Studio
Role Playing
September 9, 2021 (7 days ago)

Heroes Legend – Epic Fantasy RPG is a free-to-play strategy role-playing game. In this game, you will be transformed inkhổng lồ superheroes using extraordinary powers, joining them in bloody battles, unleashing their freedom. The game possesses simple gameplay with many extremely outstanding features. If you love this genre, then this will be a game that you should try, guaranteed not khổng lồ disappoint you.

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The game is a fighting game with a clear strategy. In this game, you not only transsize into an intelligent supernhân vật, but you also have sầu khổng lồ come up with appropriate tactics to lớn gather other superheroes and build a team with them to overcome obstacles and defeat all enemies. Finally, participate in the finals taking place in epic arenas, where you will have to lớn confront formidable bosses with immense physical strength.

The game offers more than 60 powerful warriors for you khổng lồ choose from, each with its own quality skills along with a different phối of stats. And your task is to lớn recruit và assemble the most powerful heroes, train and control them khổng lồ become a unified squad. Or you can convert them inlớn souls lớn be able to lớn progress more during the game. Not only that, but the game also offers a mission system with many other activities attached.


Unlike many previous games of the same genre, it takes the khung of cumbersome plowing or leveling. Heroes Legover again gives you direct gameplay for you lớn unleash all the tactics you have sầu. Besides, you will never feel lonely when there are always fellow warriors with you during the battle if you join the guild. Create the most powerful squad to lớn destroy the devil & complete all assigned tasks.

Entering the campaign mode, the game will provide you with a maps with symbols for each stage. Before entering direct combat, the game will briefly introduce the number of enemies, stamina, & accompanying items. To win in each stage, your task is to lớn destroy all monsters and receive more gift chests to earn more gold & diamonds. Pay attention to your blood volume khổng lồ preserve sầu your life.

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Heroes Legover also increased its appeal when expanding the BATTLE ARENA, where the dramatic duels of PVPhường took place. It contains the most skilled players in the game, so it requires you to bring out the most formidable heroes khổng lồ fight these warriors. If you win, you not only receive countless attractive rewards but also climb the leaderboard khổng lồ improve your position.

Not only that, but the game also offers countless other interesting events or festivals in each season. xuất hiện up for you many attractive arenas with countless valuable rewards. This is also a special opportunity for you khổng lồ gain new hero legends, new warriors, and many other useful items to lớn nâng cấp and supplement the anh hùng lineup. Therefore, fully participate in these events khổng lồ advance your warriors.


In addition lớn the above interesting factors, Heroes Legend also offers many new locations, such as the gate of the oracle lake, the blacksmith, the main hall, & many more. Not only that, the game has a siêu thị, which gives you new items và new skills for each anh hùng. To buy these things, use them with coins & diamonds you get during the plowing process. In addition, you can also recharge directly to lớn own a more VIP. version.


An important highlight in this game is also in the chất lượng of the graphics; the images of superheroes and villains are beautifully portrayed. The game also uses extremely realistic effects in each character’s action phase to give sầu players the most natural experience. Not only that, with excellent sound unique, it also contributes to lớn a joyful but equally dramatic spirit throughout the playing process.

Heroes Legkết thúc is likely khổng lồ be an entertaining role-playing game, so you can relieve bức xúc after tiring working hours. The game has a stable configuration optimized for performance và capađô thị, so the gameplay is shown in a super smooth way with a fast tốc độ. If you love sầu participating in dramatic matches, showing all your tactics, this will be a game that you should try.

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