Kozuki Momonosuke Oden’s son, he was exactly born 28 years ago, but he has been traveling for 20 years so now only people can see him in the size of an 8-year-old child. Momonosuke was mentioned in the series for the first time when Kin’etháng told Sanji that he had to come khổng lồ Punk Hazard khổng lồ rescue his “son”.

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In the past we have seen Kaivị express his disappointment first Momonosuke. At that time, he was just a weak and fearful child, completely different from his great father Oden. And so far we also vày not see many highlights in this character. But really Momonosuke is a weakling?

Many people say Momonosuke It’s just not working khổng lồ the fullest extent of my strength. In the future if there is time và motivation then Momonosuke could become stronger. Especially because he has 5 great potentials.

1. There is Oden’s ren

In the One Piece world, usually the son of a strong person often has great potential. Take a look at the Monkey D Grap family & son Dragon & nephew Luffy. Or lượt thích Gol D. Roger and his son Ace …

And of course Momonosuke Being the son of Oden – one of the strongest in the world of pirates cannot be weak. Although it has not been shown but possible Momonosuke also has enormous physical strength like his father. In the future if he is forced lớn face in a fierce battle, that power may be revealed.

This is not unheard of in the One Piece world. You see, even Luffy was very weak as a child. But during the many times through many events made him as strong as now.

Present Momonosuke facing Kaido’s army, facing the opportunity of revenge for his family and country, there is no reason why Oda does not let hyên become stronger. And the moment he was kidnapped in chapter 976 could be a turning point for Momo.

2. The ability to lớn hear the voice of all things

“Hearing voices of all things” is a very rare and special ability in the world of One Piece because those who possess this ability can hear the voices of animals & sea kings. In particular, this power is also the key lớn revealing the truth taken away in the Empty Century. However, there are very few people in this One Piece series. Therefore it is considered extremely “rare khổng lồ find hard”.

However Momonosuke again possessing this special ability, he can hear what the animals are saying, and can also enter his own mind. The most evident proof is that baông chồng in Zou Island, he could hear the voice of the giant stone statue Zunisha and even ordered it. This makes many people think that Momonosuke will become a very svào character in the future.

3. Svào potential in the shape of a Dragon

Present Momonosuke possesses artificial Devil Fruit & has the ability to transform into a Chinese Dragon. Because Momonosuke Eat it in an unconscious state, do not know how lớn use it, so we have not had the opportunity khổng lồ see if this Devil Fruit still has any special powers.

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But the Dragon is a powerful mythical creature that is always associated with the most “face-to-face” characters in the New World. Besides, Momo’s Dragon shape has a similarity with Kaido’s so it is likely lớn also have abilities such as flying, spewing fire, fighting similar khổng lồ this Yonkou.

The problem here is that Momo is still traumatized because she was strangled và threatened by Kaibởi vì since she was young. So now he is afraid of heights và cannot transkhung inlớn a true Dragon, including his ability lớn fly in the air.

But, if Momo is able to lớn overcome her fears in the near future, this Dragon size really has great potential lớn at least help her teammates.

4. There is the Ame-no-Habakiri sword

In the past, Oden was the owner of Enma and Ame-no-Habakiri- the two swords that once wounded the Kaivì chưng Four Kings. And now Zoro has taken Enma, & Ame no Habakiri is given Momonosuke. However, because Momonosuke still cannot use it. But probably will Momonosuke powerful enough to lớn decide to fight & use his father’s sword.

So far we have also seen Momo also trying lớn learn swordsmanship. If he considered Oden’s son, he might be a strong swordsman in the future.

5. Potential has Haki Ba Vuong

There has been a lot of suspicion that Haki Hegemony was passed down from parents khổng lồ their strongest children. We know that Portgas D. Ace also has Haki as his father, and then Charlotte Katakuri, Big Mom’s strongest son, also has this Haki similar to his mother. So it is not too surprising Momonosuke also possesses this special type of Haki.

However, Momo’s determination and will is still weak. If he could regain his spirit và the desire to lớn succeed his father later, he needed khổng lồ be stronger và then there was a chance he could awaken this Haki.