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Dragon Mania Legends
Unlimited Coins, Gems
Android 4.4
Gameloft SE
August 28, 2021 (3 weeks ago )

Dragon Mania Legends Mod is a simulation game developed by Gameloft SE with the theme of interesting dragons. Dragons are divine symbolic animals from ancient times to the present, there are many stories surrounding this legendary Long that people still worship today. In addition, when watching movies or reading pictures, the player will probably imagine that dragons will have two shapes: the first is a long, curved body the toàn thân with scales and 4 legs, the second is a large body toàn thân. 2 feet tall with wings & wings behind. Join Dragon Mania Legends Mod, players will vày quests that revolve around these svào dragons. The game will let you become a dragon trainer to lớn breed và develop và find new powers of dragons.

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Download Dragon Mania Legends Mod – Train Your Dragon To Fight

Download Dragon Mania Legends Mod – Train Your Dragon To Fight

With exciting và engaging gameplay as you train your dragons lớn become stronger, Dragon Mania Legends Mod will take you to lớn exciting gameplay activities. At the beginning of the game, you will receive Long eggs with the task of preserving và taking care of that egg, after a certain amount of time the egg that you take care of will hatch an uncle. strong rồng. From there, your coaching work officially begins. Another island with a lot of dragons for you khổng lồ explore, DRAGON VILLAGE with diverse nội dung and quests. Experience it now!


Development of rồng warriors

To develop Long warriors in the highly effective Dragon Mania Legends Mod, players can separate each system into a separate area khổng lồ easily nurture và tăng cấp them. For example, khổng lồ nurture fire dragons, players can bring them khổng lồ raise in volcanoes or wood systems that can be brought to the forest to lớn feed, water systems can be brought into lớn the water to grow. Such arrangements will make it easier for you to nurture them because there is the right environment for growth.

Seasonal events

Dragon Mania Legends Mod is constantly updated according to lớn exciting seasonal events taking place outside the reality for players khổng lồ explore. Besides, when playing in online mode, players will be competing with other rồng trainers on the leaderboard, after each match, you will draw your own experience và skills at that time on the board. Rank you will have a high position respected by everyone. After each event, vị not forget khổng lồ receive rewards và collect magical weapons for your Long warrior.

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3 chiều graphic design

With 3 chiều graphic kiến thiết Dragon Mania Legends Mod will give you the experience of realistic images, sketching a rich & sharp world of dragons. Each day there will be a series of quests that you need to vì such as care, nurture, nâng cấp and bring dragons to the battlefield to fight & earn bonuses. In addition, Dragon Mania Legends Mod allows players khổng lồ connect with friends to be able lớn exchange attractive weapons. Form a clan to lớn develop and mô tả interesting fighting strategies together.

When players tải về the Mod version of the Dragon Mania Legends game, you will experience the unlimited Coins/gems feature, then you can unleash your shopping, nâng cấp and develop Long warriors to become powerful. than. Dragon Mania Legends Mod will be an entertaining medicine, players will be nurturing dragons from the early stages & accompany the development of a talented rồng trainer. has modified the integration giving you a lot of money so you can bởi the best rồng farming without much plowing.