Cartoon wars (mod) apk

Find yourself diving inlớn this addictive và enjoyable gameplay in Cartoon Wars as you take on multiple challenges in this defense và strategy game. Select your units and start spawning minions khổng lồ help you defend your base as well as attacking that of the enemies. The side-scrolling real-time strategy game introduces gamers khổng lồ a much more enjoyable gameplay that you’ve sầu ever experienced.

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Join the fights between the two tribes vying for the total control of the world. Encounter each other in epic battlefields. Select between hundreds of different units, each having its own powers & abilities. Come up with the proper tactics lớn counter that of your enemies.

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Gamers in Cartoon Wars will find themselves caught in the conflict between two tribes who dominate the population of the world. One is the evil Color Tribe và one is the Blachồng và White Cartoon Tribe. For years, the Color Tribe has ruled over the other one và treated them like slaves và their own properties.

Now, with a few great minds, the people of the Blaông xã & White Cartoon Tribe has gathered themselves for an ultimate revolution that could mix them không tính tiền. Your mission in this game is quite simple, lớn do whatever it takes to lớn help the Black và White Cartoon Tribe lớn defeat their arch enemies, the Màu sắc Tribe or the world will risk fallen inkhổng lồ chaos.

Become the nhân vật of the people of the Black & White Cartoon Tribe khổng lồ lead your people khổng lồ victory. Liberate your people và free them from their enemies’ domination. Bring peace và prosperity back to lớn the Cartoon World.



Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to lớn offer:

Enjoy the epic cartoon war gameplay

Gamers in Cartoon Wars will have sầu their chances to experience the chất lượng & enjoyable real-time war gameplay. Join the Black và White side & be the anh hùng that lead your men into lớn battle. Take down enemies as they emerge and come up with the suitable tactics to lớn giảm giá with tough challenges.

Spawn different units and let them target enemies’ units. Control your tower & unleash powerful bow attacks. Destroy enemies’ castle so you may emerge victory.

Explore multiple customizations and upgrades on your troops

The units that you have in your recruitment pool are extremely diverse in both prices & powers. That being said, gamers in Cartoon Wars can easily find themselves having access khổng lồ multiple tactics and approaches in the game.

On top of that, you can also nâng cấp or customize your troops using the given features. With over 16 different upgrades for units, castles, weapons, và boosts, gamers are không lấy phí khổng lồ alternate their strategies to lớn win the game in the best way possible.


Fight against all kind of enemies

On the other hvà, you’ll also find yourself being confronted by all kinds of intimidating enemies that come in multiple sizes và numbers. Depending on the enemies, you should come up with the suitable tactics to deal with them.

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Enjoy the game with gamers from all over the world

All your best records in Cartoon Wars will be collected and stored online. So if you want to challenge other online gamers from all over the world, you can give sầu it your best & earn your highest points at certain levels.

The game will automatically compare your results with millions of others lớn determine the best militants across the globe. Make sure you play it well so your name can appear in the ranking.


Discover the strategic aspects of the game

Find yourself exploring and enjoying the tactical aspects that the game has khổng lồ offer. Determine which units you should have sầu in your army & which one to lớn upgrade. Varying your strategies and approaches depending on the enemies that you’re facing khổng lồ earn the best results against them. Make uses of the veteran units khổng lồ strengthen your armies in larger scales.

Take on endless stages and levels

The game introduces gamers to lớn multiple stages và levels that you must complete in order to proceed to the next. The enemies will bởi vì all they can to lớn stop you so make sure you play each màn chơi perfectly. With an infinite number of stages, it’ll take a long time for you khổng lồ reach the last of your journey.

Multiple adjustments lớn make the game more enjoyable

And lớn make the game more enjoyable, gamers in Cartoon Wars are also introduced lớn the intuitive & useful configurations. Select your preferred controls with cảm biến or Touch & Tilt features. Enable certain visual & audio features depending on your preferences. Create multiple save sầu files to keep your process secured. And most importantly, if you find the game relatively easy, you can take the difficulties lớn another màn chơi, và vice versa.


Free khổng lồ play

The game is currently không tính tiền for Android gamers to lớn enjoy on their sản phẩm điện thoại devices. You just need lớn download & install it from Google Play Store và experience the game without having to lớn pay anything. However, there will be some in-ứng dụng purchases and ads that you would find annoying.

Have the game unlocked with our mod

If that’s the case, then you would probably find our gian lận version of the game useful. That being said, with our Cartoon Wars Mod APK, you can have sầu the game completely unlocked so you can make any in-tiện ích purchases without having khổng lồ pay. Plus, the game will also free of ads so you’ll have more comfortable experiences.

Visual and sound quality


The game features extremely simple graphics that makes it accessible on most Android devices. That being said, you can enjoy the game without experiencing any stutters or lags. On top of that, the unique art styles also make it more appealing than most other điện thoại games. Not khổng lồ mention that you’ll also have sầu access to lớn many visual adjustments.


The dynamic và accurate sound experiences will introduce gamers to the fun and enjoyable gameplay that you can rarely find on any other title. Enjoy addictive sầu soundtracks as you proceed through the game.

Download Cartoon Wars lachạy thử 1.1.7 Android APK

Those who’re looking for a simple và addictive strategy game khổng lồ enjoy on their thiết bị di động devices would surely find Cartoon Wars interesting. Find yourself having access to lớn the in-depth & interesting gameplay with our mod. Experience the complete gameplay without having to pay anything.