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Boom Beach
September 16, 2021 (4 days ago)

Boom Beach (MOD, Coins/Diamonds) is an entertaining & gentle strategy game with humorous graphics for players lớn develop power armies while conquering the world.

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Boom Beach – The childhood of many people who have sầu used the Windows XP operating system can refer lớn the Beach Head game. As a shooting simulation game, Beach Head has won tens of thousands of players. At that time, Beach Head was probably considered a legover. Also based on the idea of building base và operations on the coast, Supercell has officially released the game Boom Beach to the user. However, if the game is similar lớn Beach Head, Boom Beach is complicated to overcome the shadow of the go ahead. So, Supercell has invested in details khổng lồ make this game a more enjoyable and engaging experience.


Build. Plan. Boom!

In mặc định mode, you will face the hostile Blackguard. He is a quái thú who has abducted many innocent people on the island to eat meat. Your mission is khổng lồ destroy hlặng, rescue all people. You will be the commander of an army fighting against the evil Blachồng Guardian. Build a powerful army & be không lấy phí enough lớn ambush and destroy the enemy base. Your goal is lớn be on the coast of them. However, khổng lồ ensure a successful battle, your army needs to lớn be much stronger. Players need lớn collect materials and money to lớn upgrade their base as well as battle soldiers khổng lồ increase their strength. Training skills needed so that the army can support each other and complete separate tasks. To upgrade the base, you will need much time. In the meantime, you can take advantage of the tasks set out và get yourself rewarded. A good commander must capture và distribute forces khổng lồ spy on the enemy, just attack well, good defense. Use your elastic force matching tactics khổng lồ engage in battle; victory will come to you.


Do not forget that in addition to the classic mode as I have mentioned above, the game also allows you khổng lồ join PvP with all other players. Next, you need to lớn prepare everything, take the boat lớn the sea and fight with the enemy. If you win, you will gain a lot of resources. But if you loser, you will thua & rebuild your empire.

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Boom Beach owns a 3D graphics style, quite familiar with the strategy game. The effect is smooth; the details are well represented, well invested. Huge maps và house effects, scenes,… are very sparkling & beautiful. The full control interface, easy lớn use, top view angle helps players capture most aspects of the battle. Overall, the graphics of the game as excellent, good the full quality & stability.



Coming lớn Boom Beach, players will be embarking on a beautiful tropical island adventure. It contains a lot of rare treasure but is also full of dangerous trapsPvPhường online with millions of other players around the world. You can attachồng the enemy base, even friends at any time. Conversely, they can also inquire you at any time. Even if you are not online.Team up with friends and kill monsters in the game. The biggest enemy is Blackguard. A dangerous monster lives on the isl& for thousands of years.Do not worry if you bởi not know who broke your base, the game offers a trả lời feature that allows players to watch all the battles online & offline.


If you are a tín đồ of strategy shooters, then Boom Beach will be a good choice for you. Stylish and exciting gameplay style & beautiful graphics, promising to lớn bring the moments of pleasure and the battle of virginity. The game is free, quick tải về to lớn enjoy the best.