Command And Conquer: Red Alert 3 Uprising

Commvà và Conquer Red Alert 3 Uprising PC game is featuring the new four mini campaigns, developing the interest of players deeper inlớn the soviets, allies, the empire of the rising sun & a special campaign centered on the most favorite Japanese school girl, Yuriko Omega. Set in the outcome of Red Alert 3, the soviet union is still shocked from its crushing defeat. The empire of the rising sun is still making efforts to regain the both, lost glory & identity. And the victorious allies are in the midst of corruption & deception within their own ranks.

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System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements

CPU: Any Hãng Intel Chip Core Duo machine; Intel P4 2.2 GHz (P4 2.6 GHz for Vista) or better; AMD Athlon 2100+ (Athlon XP 2800+ for Vista) or better.CPU SPEED: Intel P4 2.2 GHz (P4 2.6 GHz for Vista) or better; AMD Athlon 2100+ (Athlon XPhường 2800+ for Vista) or better.RAM: 1 GBOS: Windows XPhường Service Paông xã 2 or higher or Windows Vista (32-bit version only, 64-bit is not supported)VIDEO CARD: DirectX 9.0c compatible Clip thẻ. NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or better, ATI Radeon X800 or better.SOUND CARD: YesFREE DISK SPACE: 10 GB of free hard drive space, 12 GB for EA LinkDVD-ROM: Yes

Installation instructions:

Download all parts from download links given below.Right click on the 1st part & cliông xã on “Extract here”. Other parts will be automatically extracted.You need Winrar installed to vì chưng it.Now Right click on the extracted Iso tệp tin và cliông xã on “Extract here” again.OR You can also open iso with software called “UltraISO”. Cliông chồng on the “Mount lớn virtual drive” icon on the 3rd bar on top of UtraISO to mount it. Then go to the virtual drive sầu & open it. This is usually just after My Computer.Once mounted or extracted, Right clichồng on the file named “Setup.exe” and cliông xã on “Run As Administrator” lớn start the game installation.Wait for it lớn install the game on your pc.Once the installation is complete, open the thư mục named “Prophet” & copy all the files from there và paste inkhổng lồ the directory where you have installed the game. For example if you have installed game in “My Computer > Local Disk C > Program files >“Command và Conquer Red Alert 3 Uprising” then paste those files in this directory.Clichồng on replace if it asks for it.Right cliông chồng on the game icon .exe pháo & then cliông xã on “Run as Administrator” khổng lồ start the game.Enjoy.

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Important Info:This is a standalone version, So you vày not need khổng lồ tải về original comm& & conquer 3 Red alert khổng lồ play it.

Commvà và Conquer Red Alert 3 Uprising PC Game Cracked by PROPHET Free Download 

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