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Developer: Haemimont GamesRelease date: 2004Platform: Windows (PC) Genre: Real-time strategyVersion: Full Game

Nemesis of the Roman Empire is a real-time strategy role-playing video game developed by Haemimont Games & published by Enlight Software. The sequel lớn Celtic Kings: Rage of War, the game is phối in the Punic Wars & allows the player lớn take control of one of four nations, as well as Hannibal the Great.

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In Spain the game was released on November 27, 2003 under the title Imperivm II: Conquest of Hispania, và in Italy as Imperivm II: The Punic Wars, by the publisher FX Interactive.


Nemesis of the Roman Empire is a real-time strategy role-playing game. Set during the Punic Wars, the player can take control of one of four nations: the Romans, the Gauls, the Carthaginians, và the Iberians.

Seeing the power and influence of Carthage, Roman legions were sent khổng lồ Africa with orders lớn attaông xã the rival thành phố of Carthage, led by its general Hannibal.

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Nemesis of the Roman Empire was first announced on September 3, 2003 by developer Haemimont Games, who said that it would be set for release in Spain in December 2003. The game is a sequel to lớn Celtic Kings: Rage of War, originally titled Celtic Kings: The Punic Wars. On January 13, 2004, Enlight Software announced they would be publishing & distributing the game in North America. On March 5, 2004, Enlight said the game had gone gold & was phối for release on March 24.


Nemesis of the Roman Empire received "average" Reviews according to the Đánh Giá aggregation website Metacritic. The game earned "Platinum" award from the Asociación Española de Distribuidores y Editores de Software de Entretenimienkhổng lồ (aDeSe), for more than 80,000 sales in Spain during its first 12 months. It ultimately sold above sầu 250,000 units in Spain.

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The Gamers" Temple scored it with a 78% và it said "Nemesis is a good diversion for those looking for a little different take on the real-time strategy formula." Strategy Informer scored it with 7.8 of 10 and it said "Overall, this is an excellent effort, the game is fun, challenging, and difficult to lớn beat." Games Domain scored it with 7 of 10, and it described it as "Lacking base-building, deep resource control, & combat micromanagement, Nemesis of the Roman Empire seems khổng lồ be rather sparsely featured." Deeko rated it with the highest punctuation 10/10, the average visitor rating was a 9.6 with a total of 37 ratings. Ace Gamez rated the gameplay with a 9 of 10, the graphics 5 of 10, the sound 6 of 10 and the lifespan 8 of 10.