If you enjoy thành phố building games and strategic games where you have lớn plan out every move sầu you make và construct the most powerful kingdom in the world, then Kingdoms và Lords is just the game for you! Build your kingdom and expvà it, attaông chồng others & defover against enemies, be the most feared king of the world! Kingdoms & Lords has been developed và successfully released by game developer Gameloft. The game has been downloaded over a million times with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Google Play Store và a 4 star rating on iOS App Store.

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You start your gameplay of Kingdoms & Lords with a tutorial that teaches you the basics of the game. There are a lot of features and options you can explore in the game, so having a tutorial is really nice. In the tutorial, you will learn how lớn construct new buildings, how khổng lồ train new troops, how to battle enemies và how to visit other kingdoms. The goal in Kingdoms và Lords is khổng lồ successfully build và rule the strongest kingdom of the world.

After you have sầu played the game for a while, it will become pretty straightforward. There are two menus at the top corners of the screen. One is for Tasks and the other one is for Tools. At the Tasks thực đơn, you can see what your next tasks are. For instance, at the beginning you need lớn construct a farm & plant crops on it. Completing tasks will reward you with gold coins and experience points in the size of shields. Collecting enough shields will cấp độ you up, and in turn will unlock more buildings lớn construct and more troops lớn train. Every building has its own timer, where you can see when you can collect more taxes again. You need to repeat this procedure until you màn chơi up more and are able to lớn expvà your kingdom. You bởi vì this by purchasing plots of land neighboring your kingdom, after which you can construct buildings on it and expvà your kingdom.

You have an energy bar in the game, & for every action that you take, you will use one of your energy bolts. For example, if you collect the tax from one of your buildings, you will use one energy bolt. Your energy bar is very limited, but thankfully your energy bolts replenish themselves over time. For every three minutes of waiting, you will get back one energy bolt.

If you are low on gold coins and you have sầu enough energy bolts left, you can always visit other kingdoms and collect taxes và experience points. You will help your neighbors out but also help yourself out, so it is a win-win situation.

There are three types of lotteries in Kingdoms & Lords called the Bronze, Silver & Gold Lottery. If you log in daily, you will be able to lớn play the Bronze Lottery once for free, but playing in the Silver or Gold lottery will guarantee you of better prizes. Taking part in the Silver Lottery costs two gems and taking part in the Gold Lottery costs five sầu gems. The prizes you can win range from boosters to lớn gold coins, & are very useful in your gameplay.

There are three ways of playing Kingdoms & Lords. You can log in using your Facebook, so that you can play together with your friends và help each other out. You can also make a Gameloft tài khoản so you can play with other players around the world. If you feel playing alone, you can simply use a guest trương mục.

Kingdoms & Lords In-game store

In Kingdoms & Lords, there are two kinds of currencies. The first one is in the size of gold coins, which are easily obtained by simply playing the game. The second one is called Diamonds, & is very hard khổng lồ obtain by playing the game. In Kingdoms và Lords, there is a market, where you can purchase a lot of items & buildings for either gold coins or diamonds. In the Housing category you can purchase different kinds of housing buildings where your citizen can live sầu in. The better the housing building is, the more tax you can collect from it.

There are Production buildings, which will produce the recourses needed for your Kingdom. The next category is called Military, và in this category you can construct different types of buildings to lớn train new types of troops. Having a lot of Military buildings is important, so that you can train as many troops at the same time as possible.

In the Kingdom category, you will see buildings which are specifically designed lớn make your kingdom more important. You can construct buildings such as Libraries, Town Halls, and Citadels etc. The next category is called Special, và in this category there are buildings that are constructed for special occasions, such as tournament arenas và training fields. If you would lượt thích lớn make your kingdom look nicer, you can always purchase different kinds of decorations in the Decorations category. In the Defense category, you can purchase và construct buildings that will help you defover against invading forces.

If you run out of lvà in your kingdom, you can always purchase more plots of land with either gold coins or diamonds. You can vày this in the Expansion category of the market. If you are in the need of troops but you have sầu no time to lớn wait for them khổng lồ get trained, you can instantly purchase them with diamonds in the Units category.

The price for diamonds vary from $1,99 for the smallest amount of 15 diamonds up till $99,99 for the largest amount of 1000 diamonds. You can use diamonds lớn purchase in-game gold coins to lớn further your progress more easily. The price for gold coins start at 18 diamonds for 2000 coins up till 450 diamonds for the largest amount of 100.000 gold coins. You can also use diamonds to replenish your energy bar. It costs 5 diamonds to replenish 5 energy bolts, 8 diamonds for 10 energy bolts, 10 diamonds for 15 energy bolts and 15 diamonds for 26 energy bolts.

Kingdoms & Lords Cheats và Tips

I believe that every game thủ has used some sort of cheats when they were playing a game, be it khổng lồ make it easier for themselves or simply because cheating allows for funny moments in the gameplay itself. mobile gamers are no exclusion to lớn this & many cheat websites know this. Fake cheat websites have sầu been on the rise, and they are out to lớn lure people in with so called cheat tools which allegedly could inject your di động game with modified game files, so you will have sầu unlimited resources, gold coins, premium currencies etc. you got my point. Most of these websites are professionally designed, have logos all around the webpage stating that they are 100% scam miễn phí and clean, & even giả testimonials saying how they trusted the trang web is.

For the sake of this Reviews, I decided khổng lồ download and try out a cheat tool for Kingdoms & Lords which allegedly could give me as many diamonds và gold coins as I wanted. Before I could start downloading the cheat tool, I needed to fill in a survey. These surveys are there so that the nhái cheat website & tải về trang web can make money off of people. After I had filled in the survey, my tải về started & I tried to start the program. As you may have already figured out, the cheat tool didn’t actually work, because they are nothing but giả files. Usually you will get some sort of error message stating how the cheat tool is missing some files và you should re-tải về it, but occasionally they might be infested with viruses. Instead of risking your computer with nasty viruses, I will give sầu you some tips and tricks that will help you with your gameplay & make it easier for you khổng lồ progress through the game.

Kingdoms và Lords chơi Game Tips

It is very important in Kingdoms và Lords that you have sầu enough energy and gold coins, so you vày not need lớn wait a long time before your energy bar refills.

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You can avoid this by adding as many friends và neighboring kingdoms khổng lồ your friends list. You can visit their kingdoms & complete five tasks there without losing any energy bolts. You vì chưng gain gold coins & experience points, so it is really a win-win situation for yourself.


There is a little trichồng which you can use lớn earn much more coins with your basic buildings in your kingdom. For instance, you should completely surround your homestead with decorations. Make sure that these decorations are the ones with a payout boost attached khổng lồ them. Now the building in between the decorations will get a much bigger payout in gold coins then it normally would. What you can vì chưng is, move every building you have that is about to lớn be ready lớn pay you out, in between the decorations & then cliông xã on the payout button. Now move sầu all your buildings bachồng và forth to collect all the pay outs with a big bonus. This little trichồng will help you save sầu up a lot more gold coins in a much faster pace.

Before you go inlớn a battle, you should always have enough troops ready. You should preferably combine different types of troops, so that you will have sầu an advantage during battles. You should remember that Sword beats Spear, Spear beats Axe & Axe beats sword, so when you put your soldiers in order, you must make the right choices. It is important that when the battle starts, that you focus on one enemy at first và take hyên ổn down. After that you can freely take down the others because your enemies will be weaker.


Kingdoms và Lords Review

Kingdoms và Lords starts with a nice tutorial that teaches you the basics of the game. It is nice to lớn have a tutorial in a big game such as this because of the fact that a lot of casual gamers might get confused on what to lớn vày next. After the tutorial ends, you will still be helped out with text bubbles telling you what khổng lồ do next. The gameplay becomes pretty straightforward after you get used khổng lồ it, but still entertaining if you are inkhổng lồ strategic thành phố building games.


I lượt thích the fact that you can connect with your friends on Facebook so you can help each other out and play together. There are a lot of options and features lớn explore in Kingdoms và Lords, which makes it a decent game to play in my opinion. The visuals, graphics and animations are also pretty nice, fitting the theme of the game itself. I really like the fact that the game does not have sầu any advertisements, so players vị not get obstructed by pop-ups or banners showing up all of a sudden.

Unfortunately there are also several negative aspects about Kingdoms of Lords. For starters, players get limited by an energy bar. You can only complete a certain amount of actions before you are forced to lớn wait for your energy bar to replenish. You could of course replenish your energy bar by using diamonds, but these are really hard khổng lồ obtain by playing the game itself, and are pretty expensive sầu when you purchase them in the in-game store. I never agree with developers who limit the playtime of players. I think players should be able khổng lồ play the game whenever they want, however long they want.

The second negative sầu aspect about Kingdoms và Lords is that, while the game is advertised as free-to-play, it is really a pay-to-win game. If you bởi not want khổng lồ spkết thúc any money, or simply are in no position to lớn spend any money in this game, then you will most likely have no chance against other players that do. Literally everything in the game is purchasable with diamonds, which are purchasable with real money.

Kingdoms & Lords Ratings

Artwork: I give sầu Kingdoms & Lords a 7/10 for its artwork. The graphics in Kingdoms & Lords are not very spectacular, but they bởi vì not need to lớn be for the game type that it is. I lượt thích the fact that the developers spkết thúc a lot of time, detailing out every single object and building in the game. I can easily tell that it must have sầu taken a lot of time khổng lồ come up with all the different types of buildings, troops & objects. The user interface is clear, & it is easy to distinguish what is what, after you have sầu played the game for a little while. The world map is detailed, and you can zoom in và out if you would lượt thích khổng lồ. I also lượt thích the fact that there are small animations when you, for example, collect taxes or level up.


Music & SFX: I give sầu Kingdoms và Lords an 8/10 for its music and SFX. There is a nice soundtraông xã in the background when you play Kingdoms & Lords, which fits the overall theme of the game pretty well. There is also a different soundtrachồng during the battles, which is nice because having the same soundtracks would be pretty boring. The soundtraông chồng during battles actually is pretty exciting, and makes the battles more thrilling. There are also a lot of sound effects in the game, for a lot of actions which you can take. Everything from the thực đơn buttons to lớn collecting taxes and collecting gold coins and experience points has its own sound effect. This makes the game feel livelier. The soundtracks and sound effects fit each other pretty well.

Story và Originality: I give sầu Kingdoms & Lords a 5/10 for its story and originality. I could name at least three games from the top of my head that have sầu the very same game mechanics và gameplay as Kingdoms và Lords, which is a shame. The game itself has a lot of potential, but unfortunately there is not much originality here. The only reason I am cutting it some slaông chồng is because there is a story at the beginning, telling you what your goal is in the game, và why you have to lớn do everything in your power khổng lồ achieve sầu this goal.


General Gameplay: I give Kingdoms và Lords an 8/10 for general gameplay. When you first start playing Kingdoms & Lords, there is a small tutorial which explains how you can construct buildings & fight in battles. It shows you some other things as well, & I think it is nice when feature-rich games such as Kingdoms và Lords have sầu a tutorial. After the tutorial, you are basically on your own, but you will occasionally be assisted by your guide when you are about to take an action that you haven’t done before. The controls in this game are smooth và responsive, though it is sometimes hard lớn cliông xã on the right button when you want khổng lồ construct buildings. I like the fact that you can zoom in và out the world bản đồ, so you can see your kingdom in more detail and plan out in which direction you want lớn expand.

Addictiveness: I give Kingdoms và Lords a 6/10 for addictiveness. The game itself is pretty addictive, but this gets ruined by the energy bar limit that the developers have sầu implemented. You are only able khổng lồ take a couple of actions before you run out of energy bolts và you need lớn wait three minutes for one bolt to lớn replenish. There is also the fact of Kingdoms và Lords being pay-to-win, so players who do not want to spover any money on the game have sầu absolutely no chance when they battle against players that vì chưng spkết thúc money on the game.