Dead Trigger 2 is an attractive shooting game from Madfinger Games. And the latest update with competitive sầu features in the Zombie aremãng cầu will be something Dead Trigger fans cannot miss. Madfinger Games Mobile first-person shooter game of Dead Trigger 2 has just been updated with attractive sầu weekly competition features. You can tải về the latest update right now to compete with other players.

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Dead Trigger 2 is the best arcade game of 2012 by Madfinger Games. We consider the game being an attractive action game version shown in the format of Free khổng lồ play on the Android & iOS operating systems.

In terms of plot elements and game content, Dead Trigger 2 always randomly attracts players by the detailed mô tả tìm kiếm. The game scene covers the world with gloomy colors caused by the pandemic. Zombies raged.

General Information

In the game, players experience 49 missions of the storyline and a series of other missions to lớn increase experience points, & the number of bonuses accumulated. They spread the maps system out with ten areas & ten different environments. Besides, the weapon system is also developed and quite diverse.

The imaging system comes with sharp 3 chiều graphics và many vivid graphic effects. With advanced motion capture giải pháp công nghệ, you can combine playing with many of your friends. Some features that are highly appreciated for Dead Trigger 2 are the new mặc định control system. Also, the attack pattern is improved subtly. The game incorporates a Clip sharing clip system. So, you can watch và observe sầu other players.


In this update, players will compete with rules on the two maps of Purgatory Arena và Arena of Death. They have sầu designed both maps above sầu to lớn suit highly competitive sầu challenges. Deadly secret agencies designed throughout the aremãng cầu will make you always pay cthảm bại attention lớn your surroundings. They have sầu raised the competition in the game to lớn a new cấp độ with special tournaments và exciting rewards. And now, Dead Trigger 2’s best & most rich update has arrived. Fans will enjoy competing with other players and enjoying the new heavy weapon system.

With a shooting game, novel weapons are always indispensable. Madfinger said there are two new guns for players to choose from, including the Metal Storm Projectile gun for the silenced zombies and the Area-51 Gun that is effective as a decay beam.

Madfinger Games is a publisher that has won a lot of attention from gamers. The developer offers many điện thoại game fans with impressive shooter series, such as Dead Trigger & ShadowGun with the same high-unique graphics and gameplay. They provide some optimization tips to lớn the Unity developer to minimize the processor so that games can run smoother on Mobile platforms.


Background Story

Madfinger Games recently made the Android version of Dead Trigger không tính phí because of piracy. According khổng lồ what we have sầu stated, illegal downloads are so high that the software house seems lớn be able khổng lồ earn practically anything.

Several times, we have told about the security problems related to the applications published on Google Play. However, another big problem of the Google online store concerns the illegal downloads of the software. Users can get an element for không tính tiền that should instead be purchased by paying actual money.

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Madfinger’s decision lớn make the Dead Trigger completely không tính phí has caused quite a stir, because of the aforementioned problem. It does not allow the company khổng lồ earn from sales. For those unfamiliar with it, Dead Trigger is one of the flagship shooters of the App Store with interesting graphics. During the game, kill as many zombies as lớn survive the many waves. Madfinger wants to lớn underline that this action is not a commercial or marketing practice but has been dictated by the countless dangerous practices of users. Therefore, the software has not been không tính phí with the presence of additional in-app purchases khổng lồ complete the experience. The situation of the App Store is very different. The game will remain at the current price with optional in-tiện ích purchases. Although Apple users appear lớn spover money to proceed with the purchase legally, piracy also exists in iOS, but not at the same màn chơi as Android.

Other realities have complained, claiming that a real anarchy reigns in Google Play. For example, Sports Interactive has stated that the sales of Football Manager 2012 for Android vị not exist. They have sầu pointed out that there is a 9:1 ratio between applications illegally downloaded và purchased. For each version purchased regularly from the store, there are nine got in a không lấy phí & illegal way.

Despite everything, the situation regarding Dead Trigger seems khổng lồ have sầu displeased many iOS users. The hope is that the company, highly esteemed by the public, can somehow apologize khổng lồ its games by offering the application on a miễn phí offer for someday.


Recommended Alternative: Dead Target

Dead Target is one of the rare FPS games on the điện thoại market. Dead Target’s gameplay is summed up in one word, chất lượng. An FPS game where the player cannot move sầu seems rather weird at first. The game is inspired by BeachHead 2000. You cannot move sầu even a single step which increases the challenge & new experience instead of the familiar shot-run-shot style.

Unable lớn take off, the international gaming community warmly welcomed Dead Target & gradually eliminated the initial aversion lớn a passive sầu FPS game. Anyway, standing dead is not pleasant when the wave of zombie attacks creates a feeling of extreme fear, killing, or being killed. You can only choose one. When talking about FPS, the important factor is the arsenal? We will equip gamers with the most advanced equipment. Even if you are not a big bạn of FPS, they must also impress you with the heavy toys that Dead Target possesses.

Developed on Unity Engine 4.0, they optimize the game on all three platforms. Dead Target has taken advantage of this powerful engine on Android. And when released on Windows Phone, the game uses the hardware of current Microsoft-branded devices. It shows off the eye on the most premium devices lượt thích the Lumia 15đôi mươi. But even if it is a Lumia 5trăng tròn, Dead Target still recreates a dead space without sacrificing too much effect.

Exceeding over five million downloads on all three platforms since its launch, Dead Target made a huge splash in the international market. Although having just mix foot on this platform for less than two months, Dead Target has achieved over one million downloads worldwide.

Final Words

Maybe one day, Madfinger Games will adapt Dead Trigger or ShadowGun to other platforms like console or PC. And with a few changed features, comments from the người community, Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK will become a famous game like Unreal Tournament or Quake. According khổng lồ the updated information, Madfinger Games has just released a new update for Dead Trigger 2. This update gives Dead Trigger 2 lovers a new game mode called Arena of Death.

Aremãng cầu of Death is an arena that allows players to earn money và rewards by participating in a zombie-killing game show on television. Players will have to fight hordes of hungry zombies that attaông xã non-stop. During the battle, you will have help from traps & boxes containing useful upgrades or boosts. Besides the new game mode, this update also adds a new đô thị, new environment, night mode, và many new types of zombies for players khổng lồ destroy. Currently, the update of Dead Trigger 2 is available on the App Store và Google Play.