Destroy the annoying piggies at all cost in this sequel lớn one of the most popular games on điện thoại. Download Angry Birds 2 Mod APK Lachạy thử Version for Android Now!


So, without further do, let’s talk about Angry Birds 2 and how its differs from the original…

Changes in Gameplay

To begin, let’s talk about the actual changes khổng lồ the way you play Angry Birds 2, compared lớn the first.

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To be fair, the core gameplay hasn’t seen much change. Fling your birds, hit the pigs, cause destruction and mayhem. It’s basically one-for-one when it comes to lớn the fundamentals.


However, the execution takes a bit of a curve. Rather than having strategic levels that require thinking and skill, these levels are more random.

In the first game, stages were predetermined & would take a specific route or strategy lớn complete them. This way, you’d use every bird’s ability with care & thought.

Although, in Angry Birds 2, each level is completely randomized. Thus, taking less thinking & strategy & more “brute-force”. It’s more about throwing your birds và watching the ensuing damage & destruction.


Additionally, a lives system was added, making the game a little more tedious and annoying. If you run out of lives, you’ll need to wait a certain amount of time for them to lớn regene. You could also bypass this by watching an add, or buying more lives. Mixed with the randomness of levels, there are many instances of annoyance or anger when you run out of lives.

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All-in-all these alone make the game a downgrade from the original. But, that’s not to lớn say that the game isn’t fun or challenging.

Depending on what type of game you like, this could be right for you. The game is still entertaining & levels bởi require a bit of though, to an extent.


Not khổng lồ mention, the visuals & sounds are as good as ever. Which is what we will talk about next…

Graphics & Sounds

By no means does the game look bad. Angry Birds 2 is a step up from the original, in terms of looks & sounds. There are more birds to choose from, so more interesting & hilarious characters to lớn enjoy.

The music is pretty decent, matching the tone of the game. You’ll have a good time playing through the game & it’s bright và upbeat tones.


The sounds of the birds are definitely the highlight of the game. Hearing them squawk in anger and shriek as the unleash terror is hilarious. Anyone who has played Angry Birds can tell you, “One of the best features is definitely the voices of the birds.”

Angry Birds 2 Mod APK

So, after all that, why tải về the game. Well, for the Angry Birds Mod APK free tải về of course. The features in this modified version definitely 3D for the faults of the game.

With the modified Angry Birds 2, you get:

Unlimited gems & blaông xã pearls

These features alone make up for the biggest faults of the game. So, you should definitely tải về Angry Birds 2 Mod APK latest version for Android over the vanilla version. That is, if you want khổng lồ experience the full version of the game, without the downsides.