Galaxy attack: alien shooter mod apk 35

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter cheat Mod Achiến đấu Unlocked Everything

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter cheat Mod Ađại chiến is one of the attractive sầu competitive sầu style games. Designed by OneSoft trò chơi Studio & highly regarded by Android users, it has also gained popularity with its popularity & has been downloaded nearly 10 million times. The story of the game is that when frustration rages throughout the galaxy you are the only hope on planet Earth that you must destroy the space enemies in the galaxy with the last remaining spaceship and protect planet Earth against them. Download Free From gamethaibinh.comhường.


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MegaMod Features:

A Lot Of GoldA Lot Of CrystalsA Lot Of TicketsA Lot Of SpinsA Lot Of Power-upsA Lot Of SpaceshipsAll Ships UnlockedAll Drones UnlockedAll Skins UnlockedAll Max UpgradedRemove Ads

Game info

NameGalaxy Attack: Alien Shooter
Android Version Required4.1+
Last UpdateSeptember 03, 2021

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Features of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter :

Pass over 100 levelsAbility to use active sầu skills in space battlesBeautiful levels with comprehensive sầu missions to lớn completeCollect different items in stagesUpgrade and tăng cấp your spacecraftAmazing & perfect soundUnique & beautiful graphics

The ultimate hope is for you khổng lồ take control of the spaceship và protect the earth from alien worms. Your goal will be quite challenging because you have to save the world from evil enemies. In the new and beautiful game Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Mod Apk , also called space shooter , you will encounter a large number of enemies in dangerous environments. As the game progresses, you gain the right lớn tăng cấp your spacecraft khổng lồ gain lethal capathành phố và use it for freedom.

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Control of the spacecraft will be as simple as possible. Just touch the screen to lớn steer and shoot. As you destroy enemies, you must collect items to tăng cấp or change weapons. The game environment has been developed with chất lượng & quality images to lớn enjoy the fight. This game is created for you with 100 levels & various difficulties.


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