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Game Maker offers an intuitive sầu & easy to lớn use drag-and-drop interface that allows you khổng lồ create your own games very quickly. You can import & create images, sprites (animated images) và sounds và use them. trò chơi Maker is bundled with a considerable collection of such resources to get you started. You can easily define the objects in your game và indicate their behavior, and you can define appealing rooms (levels) in which the game takes place. If you want full control there is actually an easy-to-use programming language built inkhổng lồ trò chơi Maker that gives you full control over what is happening in your game. You can create your own computer games quickly without the need khổng lồ learn a programming language. Of course you should not expect to lớn create your own Halo 4 or Virtua Tennis within a few weeks. But that is also not necessary. The joy of playing a game is not related lớn its complexity. Simpler games, lượt thích Tetris, Bejeweled, Space Invaders, etc. are a lot of fun khổng lồ play và a lot easier khổng lồ create.

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Game Maker focuses on two-dimensional games. So it is not meant to create 3 chiều worlds like Quake, even though there is some limited functionality for 3 chiều graphics. But don’t let this put you down. Many great games use two-dimensional sprite công nghệ, even though they look very 3-dimensional. And designing two-dimensional games is a lot easier & faster.

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trò chơi Maker is a software application written by Mark Overmars in the Delphi programming language. Overmars released the original version on November 15, 1999. trò chơi Maker comes in two editions, the Lite Edition & the Pro Edition.The Lite Edition is meant for those that take their first steps on the path of developing games. It can be used for free but is limited in its functionality. Also it shows a popup logo when running games and will regularly remind you of upgrading the program. When you are using Game Maker regularly you are strongly recommended lớn nâng cấp it khổng lồ the Pro Edition.The Pro Edition contains considerably more functionality và does not display any logos or popup messages. More precisely, the Pro Edition has the following additional functionality :• No Game Maker hình ảnh sản phẩm is shown when running a game.• No regular popups remind you of upgrading.• You can use rotated, color blended và translucent sprites.• There are additional options in the sprite và image editors.• There are additional actions for e.g. CD music, rotated text, và colorized shapes.• You can use special sound effects & positional sound.• You can create splash screens with movies, images, webpages, texts, etc.• There is a particle system to create explosions, fireworks, flames, rain, & other effects.• A number of advanced drawing functions are available, for example colorized text và textured polygons.• It is possible to lớn create 3 chiều games using functions for 3D graphics.• It is possible to lớn create multiplayer games that can be played over a network.• You can define your own room transitions.• You can use functions lớn create, load, and modify resources (sprites, backgrounds, etc.) while the game is running.• There is a collection of functions khổng lồ create và use data structures.• There are functions for motion planning.• You get the possibility to include additional files in the game executables that can be used when the game is run.• The Pro Edition can easily be extended using extension package. These can be made by everytoàn thân and will in general be provided không tính phí of charge.• Three such extension packages are included adding many room transitions, windows dialogs, and printing facilities.• You can define your own trigger events.• You can export and import resources, which makes it easier khổng lồ collaborate on games.Game Maker requires a resonably modern PC running Windows XPhường, Vista, 7, or later. A DirectX 8 (or later) compatible graphics thẻ with at least 32MB of memory is required for most created games. It requires a screen resolution of at least 800x600 screen resolution with 16-bit or 32-bit colors colors (preferably full color). Also a DirectX 8 compatible sound thẻ is required. Make sure you have the most recent drivers installed. Game Maker requires DirectX version 8.0 or later to lớn be installed on your computer.