Bejeweled 3 is a tile-matching puzzle video game developed và published by PopCap Games. It is the fifth game of the Bejeweled series. The game was released as a download for Windows và Mac on December 7, 2010, later being ported lớn the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One through the Backward Compatibility Program, Nintenvì DS, iOS, Android, Java ME, & Windows Phone. It features four new game modes, as well as the four standard ones from Bejeweled & Bejeweled 2.

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The core objective of Bejeweled 3 is similar khổng lồ the previous installments in the series. Players swap any on-screen gem with an adjacent one khổng lồ form chains of three or more gems of the same color. When this occurs the gems disappear và new randomly generated gems fall from above to lớn fill up the empty space. If these falling gems l& into lớn another three-or-more pattern, a chain reaction known as a cascade is caused. Unlike earlier versions, players can now match other gems during a cascade.

The game features new sound effects and the ability khổng lồ match more than one set of gems at one time (a feature that debuted in Bejeweled Blitz). Bejeweled 3 also has a badge system that functions as an achievement tracker và an additional mix of goals for the player khổng lồ complete.

In most versions of Bejeweled 3, players can play eight different game modes, each with different objectives. Four of these game modes were new to the series & four are recurring gameplay types in the Bejeweled franchise. The Java ME port of Bejeweled 3 version only has 4 modes, the 2 standard modes Classic và Lightning và the 2 secret modes Diamond Mine and Butterflies. The full eight modes of Bejeweled 3 are:

Standard modes


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The classic Bejeweled gameplay mode from previous installments of the game. All players have to lớn vì is continuously match rows containing three or more gems by swapping one gem with its adjacent counterpart. The game ends when there are no more possible moves.


One of the new additions the "Zen Mode" (similar to Bejeweled 2"s Endless Mode), where players without an over, as calming music & positive sầu affirmations play in the background. Players can continue playing this mode endlessly as the replacement gems in the game are randomly generated in a way such that there is always one more move for the player. There is also a special breath modulation mode which features a tracking line which moves bachồng và forth, it produces several breathing patterns which players are encouraged lớn match. The overall objective of this is to slow the breathing rate of the player so as to allow the player khổng lồ calm down và de-áp lực.citation needed This mode was created by PopCap in conjunction with scientists which uses biofeedbachồng to help players relax. The Zen Mode also includes a wide variety of aural tones which include tones which are outside the range of human hearing. One tone is played into lớn one ear, while a different tone is played inkhổng lồ the other so as lớn trichồng the brain inkhổng lồ hearing a different frequency. This is done in order to lớn facilitate meditation as well as induce brain waves which are usually associated with deep sleep or dreaming. The scientific efficacy of this has not been established & has been referred to lớn as fringe science.

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The game"s time trial mode where players have sầu khổng lồ get as many points as possible within one minute. Players can extover their playing time by lining up special Time gems, which is then added khổng lồ the Time Extension tank. Also, players can create chains at a fast pace to gain a "Blazing Speed bonus". As the game progresses, the Multiplier will increase by one & the music increases in tempo. The mode is similar khổng lồ that of Bejeweled Blitz"s gameplay. In the Google Chrome version of the game, it is called Speed.


A series of forty puzzles & eleven mini-games which include rescuing special butterfly gems, digging through đá quí mines, battling ice storms, và more. These puzzles are unique và each has an objective sầu other than ones in the standard Bejeweled gameplay.

Secret modes

The game features secret modes that aren"t initially available to lớn the player. These modes have specific requirements lớn meet khổng lồ unlochồng them.


This mode features "butterflies" that start at the bottom và move up one space every turn. These butterflies can be swapped and size matches just lượt thích normal gems và appear in the same variety of colors. A butterfly is collected when it is either matched with other like-colored gems or detonated by a special gem. A counter to the left of the board keeps traông chồng of the number of butterflies collected. While there is no bonus awarded for this number (the final score is calculated solely on the value of the matches made during the game), the points awarded for removing butterflies from the board increase as more are collected. After each move, one or more additional butterflies will appear on the bottom row, replacing whatever gem(s) were present there before. Clearing spaces below a butterfly will drop it down the board, and clearing the space directly above sầu a butterfly will prsự kiện it from moving up the board on that turn. The alặng is to score as many points as possible before one of the butterflies reaches the top và moves off the board into lớn the clutches of a waiting spider, ending the game. Reaching màn chơi 5 in Zen mode will unlock this mode.