Stranded Deep Ps4 from our site . Stranded Deep Free Download is a best survival game developed and published by BEAM Team Games for Windows, OS X, Linux, and Mac. In the game you play a role of a plane passenger. And plane has been crash somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. You have to experience the fear. You have to experience live the most life threatening scenarios which is different each time you play. You have to survive there. You have do anything to survive there. You have to find food to survive. The food will decrease your vitals of hunger. You have to manage something to drink to fulfill your thirst.


You also have to manage your blood and health against diseases. You have to build a shelter to live. You also have to venture the seas with your own built raft. You to build many things yourself to survive. You can select maps from the given maps. And you can also build a map according to yourself. You can build a completely new world. You can also make a map and mix it with others maps.

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If you want to share it. You can share it with your friends. But customize maps is size limit is 6.25km square but already build maps is too big. It is best survival game for computer. If you are nut of playing survival then play it. You really like it. In this game you play as well as learn how to survive in such conditions. The weather can also change. The day turn into night. Its environment is very dangers. If you want to download Stranded Deep Review then click below link.


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Feature keys

Online play mode.

Offline play mode.

You can also build a map according to yourself.

The weather can also change.

You have to eat and drink.

And many more…………………..

System Requirements

Processor: Two GHz.

Ram: Two GB.

HD: one GB.

Operating System

Windows 7.

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Windows 8.

Windows 10.

Windows vista.

Windows XP.



How to Install

Firsly, Download Stranded Deep Ps4 Store from below link.

After download.




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