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If you love playing first-person shooting games, Halo 4 will undoubtedly be a perfect addition lớn your arsenal. Being the seventh installment of the Halo franchise, the game continues the journey of Cortamãng cầu và John-117. However, the game runs a different storyline that involves more complex tasks than the previous version.

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Developer: 343 Industries / Saber InteractivePublisher: Xbox Game Studios / Microsoft Studiostrò chơi mode: single / multiplayerMultiplayer mode: Internet, players: 1-16Release date: 17 November 2020Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish - Spain, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish - Latin America, Traditional ChinesePEGI 16User ratings: 8/10Crack: HoodlumDownloads: 32995

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With excellent graphics coupled with engaging gameplay and a mesmerizing soundtrachồng, Halo 4 is undoubtedly worth considering. If you want lớn know more about the plot, we recommkết thúc you to lớn stick around this article till the kết thúc. 

So without further abởi vì, let us dive sầu deep into the world of Halo 4.

The plot - Halo the Master Chief

Halo 4 raises the bar of the first-person shooting genre. Despite coming from a new developer, the work done by 343 Industries will undoubtedly surprise you. The game layout coupled with an engaging storyline will make you anxious and eager to lớn move forward all the time. 

Mysterious World

Halo 4 dives deep into lớn the struggle and working conditions UNSC AI constructs face after serving for years. The mesmerizing CG cutscene at the start sets the tone for a breath-taking storyline. The game strikes a perfect balance between establishing context & old-school người service that keeps new players engaged all the time.

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Weapons in combat - Halo: The Master Chief Collection

From intense battles to lớn an array of weapons, Halo 4 will keep everyone engaged for hours. Every gun poses a different ability and suits different situations according to your game requirements. For instance, the Covenant Storm rifle coupled with Promethean Suppressor can become your ultimate partner for long-range targets. However, it becomes futile for close-combat situations.

The game comes with different missions starting with the opening mission demanding an intense shooting situation. Every cấp độ offers a jaw-dropping experience, and we will not be surprised if you feel nervous on every màn chơi. You should also like Immortals Fenyx Rising for không tính phí.

From crash-landing on Requiem (Forerunner planet) to fighting new Promethean enemies, Halo 4 will elevate your gaming experience to a whole new màn chơi. Additionally, the monitor-melting visuals coupled with the outstanding sound thiết kế make the entire game plot more engaging. 

Available vehicles in the game

Halo 4 also provides a best-in-class vehicle section. For instance, the Mantis robot offers players different controls, including a rocket barrage & a high-caliber machinegun. You also get the option of engaging enemies with a foot stomp attaông xã, which makes it an excellent vehicle khổng lồ guard your defenses. 

Various difficulty levels

Halo 4 has different difficulty levels, with the Normal difficulty màn chơi pacing the most evident gaming scenario for players. The game will kiểm tra your patience in every situation with various vehicle sequences, character interactions, quiet story moments, & on-foot combat. For avid gamers, the Legendary & Heroic settings will make life difficult for reaching every game checkpoint.

Developer and Platform

Despite being a video clip game developed by a new developer, Halo 4 remains one of the Halo franchise’s best installments. The developer, 343 Industries, did a tremendous job providing the best graphics, sound design, and gaming experience to the Halo franchise lovers. 

Developer: 343 IndustriesProducer: Microsoft StudiosPlatform: Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows (PC game), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Final Verdict

The Halo franchise has been one of the best first-person shooting franchises, và Halo 4 takes it to lớn a whole new cấp độ. With intense gaming experience, incredible visuals, and mesmerizing sound kiến thiết, Halo 4 is a delight for every first-person game enthusiast. 

You can tải về and install the free version from the official website or verified torrent sites.

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System Requirements

Minimum:Processor: Hãng sản xuất Intel Core i7-975 3.33 GHz / AMD A12-9800 3.8 GHzMemory: 2 GB RAMGraphic card: 1 GB GeForce GTS 450Storage: 55 GB HDDOperating system OS: Windows 7