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DIABLO 2 is an amazing action role-playing Clip game which is developed by Blizzard North and published by Blizzard Entertainment in 2000 for Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X. this action đoạn Clip game was designed by David Brevik và Erich Schaefe. DIABLO 2 PC Game is full of dark fantasy and horror themes that’s why it is one of the most interesting đoạn phim game all around the world.

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DIABLO 2 PC trò chơi has storyline advances through four chapters or “Acts”. Each action follows a more or less predetermined route, although there’s some arbitrary-stage generation between key cities in dungeons & wilderness areas. The player advances through the story by completing a series of quests within each action, while there are also discretionary side dungeons for experience and extra monsters. After the events of the first match has occurred it’s plotted. The warrior that has conquered Diablo has become corrupted by the demonic spirits.

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He’s now the basis for entry of devils in the world plus they are causing havoc. They hear the stories revolving regarding the destruction và then they choose khổng lồ determine the actual cause of this force that is demonic và evil. Diablo 2 game is largely divided into lớn four different chapters or acts. In every chapter you will possess a prearranged way. You may advance through the game. Items và the weapons are arbitrary và have sầu become much lượt thích the initial match. The characters also have five distinct categories from which it is possible to choose. Shockingly built audio engines và images provide you with the enormous delight & environment that was horrific.

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CPU: intel Pentium 4 or laterRAM: 512 MBOS: Windows XPhường., Windows vista, Windows 7Free Space: 2 GB

DIABLO 2 PC trò chơi Free Download