Corona Renderer 4 Hotfix 1 for 3DS MAX 2013 – 2020, Coromãng cầu Renderer 4 for 3ds Max Full version download, Corona Renderer 4 can provide precise & high unique rendering integrated with 3DS MAX.

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It is now available with many new features khổng lồ this CPU-based un(biased) photorealistic renderer. Render times can be reduced by as much as 50 khổng lồ 70% thanks to lớn the new denoising capability, which is based on the 3 chiều scene information and not just a 2D post-process effect, while adaptive sầu rendering further reduces noise và grain in renders.

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Workflow is accelerated thanks khổng lồ multiple render regions in interactive sầu rendering, the Visual Frame Buffer allowing renders to be saved for quiông xã A / B comparisons, the use of Nitrous for viewport drawing of all Coromãng cầu Light / proxy / scatter items, and the option lớn display Corona Scatter objects as pointclouds in the viewport.

Now It also efficiently handles scenes with more than 255 lights. The update also brings with it an extensive danh sách of other improvements & features, bug fixes, và tư vấn for all versions of 3ds Max, including the recently released 2017 version, in the installer.

Features of Coromãng cầu Renderer for 3DS MAX

Ease Of UseInteractive RenderingFlexibilitySpeedWorkflow TweaksMaterialsLightsSSS & VolumetricsUHD CacheDistributed RenderingProudly CPU Based

Download Corona Renderer 4 for 3ds Max 2013 – 2020

Size: 116 MB

Link download veryfiles:DOWNLOAD

Link tải về Google drive:DOWNLOAD(Pass: 123)

Coromãng cầu Renderer Material Library2.0– 1.4 GB

Download link:DOWNLOAD

Decompression pass: 123

If you can’t tải về, you can read HOW TO DOWNLOAD

Instructions lớn install Corona Renderer for 3ds Max

install CoronaCopy Corona_Release.dll to lớn the 3dsMax root dir ( C:Program FilesAutodesk3ds Max 2020 )& to the root dir of each other 3dsMax version with the Coromãng cầu installed, if anyand/or to lớn the Corona Standalone dir ( C:Program FilesCoronaStandalone ), if neededCopy CoronaImage.exe cộ và CoronaImageCmd.exe cộ to the Image Editor dir ( C:Program FilesCoronaImage Editor ), if neededExeđáng yêu Write_token-3dsmax.bat (Recommended)OR copy token-3dsmax.txt to lớn the %LOCALAPPDATA%CoronaRenderer ( C:Users\%UserName%AppDataLocalCoronaRenderer ) dir,that will be created after the first run or create it by yourself Repeat this step for every User profile that needs CoronaEnjoy!