Alice greenfingers 2

Unloông chồng new items, animals, and upgrades for your farm 13 different types of crops lớn grow Simple, easy controls và gameplay mean anyone can play Make money in a variety of ways from selling crops lớn collecting fallen fruit Play at your own pace

Save sầu Your Uncle"s Farm!

Alice Greenfingers is baông chồng with her green thumb & this time she"s working lớn save her lazy Uncle Berry"s farm. Grab your seeds, shovel, và watering can & master the processes needed lớn run a farm.

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Meet each of Berry"s goals khổng lồ complete each màn chơi. Unlike other management games, Alice Greenfingers 2 is not timed so it is pretty much impossible khổng lồ miss or "die" on a cấp độ. You can pretty much take the game at your own pace.

Intriguing Twist

Alice Greenfingers 2 is rather unique as a time management style game since it has many of the elements found in such games, but does not restrict you by setting a certain time limit. Thus, the slower you go the more points you can get, but getting the highest score isn"t really the ultimate goal.

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With the completion of each goal, you will get a không tính phí tăng cấp to your farm, such as a bigger market stall, more popularity, or a hen house, all of which make reaching that next goal even easier. You can rearrange your garden whenever you want, and there is no need to worry about running out of cash since you get a không lấy phí $2 every time you pick up the apples that fall conveniently from preplanted tress.

Customizable and Relaxing Gameplay

With low maintenance crops và no ticking clochồng, Alice Greenfingers 2 is all about having fun và enjoying the gameplay at your leisure. A nice feature, for those whose real lives create lots of interruptions, is the ability lớn save at any time.

While fans of other management games might find Alice Greenfingers 2 a little peculiar at first, with only a little play time they can find the charm of this unique game start khổng lồ grow on them.

So, try a change of pace & learn how to relax with Alice Greenfingers 2 today!

Alice Greenfingers 2 Review

- Đánh Giá by Brandon


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